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Danyael's gameplay for RF Online (PC)

Danyael played RF Online

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Danyael said...
  • bored
It was kinda hard to get elvens. We had to fight Bells and Accretians again. Unfortunately 2 Corites space bared the loot so we had like 2 decent players with elvens (me included. Knife though). I talked to the Accretians about their alliance with Bells. They said they don't care about anything since Owen is dead anyway.
Well, after they realised that Bells could successfully defend their chip against us Accs joined the CW and pushed us with Bells. There was no chance to take down the BCC since more and more Cora left the CW and the others were too afraid to push in with me. I destroyed the Bellato towers at their chip but somehow I still got damaged by one. I think there was at least a second tower which was terrain glitched under the BCC.
We headed to ACC and started dpsing. Bells and Accs regrouped and dpsed the CCC. I nuked them all. Was kinda funny and we catched up.
When we were about to win our race leader Aka started to go emo and our dps decreased. I had to log off then because I needed sleep. I'm sure we lost the CW though since it seemed I was the only one actually fighting in this CW.
It was the first and last one I attended this week. I am not going to fight for hiding archons again.
RF Online

RF Online (PC)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Persistent World Online RPG
Release Date: 21/FEB/06
Emblem for theProphecy

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